OYchain - building the large commercialized EVM ecology worldwide.

EVM Fully Compatible

Fully compatible with EVM and ERC-20 smart contracts, extremely low costs in migration. In addition, there is low gas fee for transfer, with the transaction fee 0.00002.

High chain performance

OYchain blocks are produced every 3 seconds, accelerated transaction confirmation and higher chain performance. Compared with classic network, the capital and time efficiency has increased by 300%.


Adopt the consensus algorithm of Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA), more efficient, secure and robust. Therefore, its security is much better than side chain.

Developer Hub
The first phase (Dec. 2021~Otc. 2022)
: Research and Release the testnet
OYchain is dedicated to seting up and launching the earelier version of testnet which will realize the following functions, by upgrading the original Lightning Network stack, OYchain testnet can enable channel expansion and partial withdrawals, and cross-chain (BTC and ERC20, to start) atomic swaps and distributed fast routing.

The second phase (Nov. 2022~Jun. 2023)
: Make layer2 technology available for dapp games and payment fields
At this stage, OYchain will launch, test and run the open source layer2 product that provides dapp developers with professional technical solutions to greatly improve the performance of dapp games based on Ethereum. At the same time, the crypto payment products will be released to enable the commercialization of layer2 technology and create the closed-loop business ecology in the fields of dapp games and payment.

The third phase (Jul.2023~Jan. 2024)
: Advance the layout of OYchain in global crypto payment ecology
At this stage, OYchain will focus on the payment field to make layer2 technology avaliable for various payment scenarios. OYchain will work with the upstream and downstream of payment industry, such as cooperating with cryptowallets, stable coins, OTCs and payment scenerios to provide users with convenient cryptocurrency payment solutions. Users can pay as convenient as using Alipay using crypto wallets which powered by OYchain layer2 technology.

The fourth phase (Feb. 2024~Jun. 2025)
:Build the largest commercialized layer2 ecology worldwide
At this stage, as layer2 network of OYchain has established layer2 ecology with real transactions, OYchain will launch an official node campaign globally to build the decentralized value exchange ecosystem regulated by OY and establish a global autonomous community that connects crypto and real world, help users enter the future digital era.

Launched project on the basis.
Established the strategic cooperation with Wanchain.
Particapted in etherum chain trip to Southeast Asia.
Launched on the company.
Launched on New York screen.
Established the strategic cooperation.
Released the testnet v1.0 version.
Launched the first ever commercially applicable product solution globally.
Established the strategic cooperation with Imperial Throne.